ORLANDO, Fla. — Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs is term-limited, and she has a new job in sight.

  • Mayor Teresa Jacobs running for school board chair
  • Jacobs is term-limited as Orange County mayor
  • Election is Aug. 28. 3 other people are running

On Wednesday, Jacobs announced her run for Orange County School Board Chairperson.

"I've been given this wonderful opportunity for eight years to work with this community to collaborate on important things, and nothing is more important than education," Jacobs said at her announcement in Orlando. "I want to take the skills that I have gained and relationships more than anything that I've been able to build over the last, actually 16 years. I want to bring that, to harness all of the energy that we can in this community to make our school district the best in the nation."

Jacobs served two terms as Orange County mayor. Before that she was a county commissioner.

Jacobs hopes to replace current Chairman Bill Sublette, who is also term-limited.

Also running for the seat are District 6 School Boardmember Nancy Robbinson and two school district employees, Matthew Fitzpatrick and Robert Prater.

The election will be held Aug. 28. If no one gets more than 50 percent of the vote, a runoff will be held Nov. 6.