To achieve a cut of meat that's worthy of a fine dining establishment, Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House's Chef Greg Thompson says it's all about the crust.

Well, the crust, and time.

"[This is a] 45-day, dry-aged, double-bone ribeye," Chef told us during our recent visit to the International Drive location. "If you think of the concept of a raisin, it's like all of the moisture actually evaporates out of the steak, and the flavors concentrate into the meat."

A prime cut of meat, he says, should have a lot of marbling. It should also be generously seasoned before hitting an 800-degree broiler. That intense heat creates the desired crust.

Another tip: Let your meat rest a good 10 to 15 minutes afterward so the juices don't seep all over the plate.

Chef also gave us the recipe for Del Frisco's King Salmon, a fish with very high fat content. He seasons it with Himalayan sea salt.

"It's not as intense as regular iodized or kosher salt is," he said, adding that the sea salt helps create a crust when seared.

Chef knows when the fish is done by the amount of wiggle. A lil' wiggle is good.

Let's cook!

“DOUBLE EAGLE” Ribeye 32 oz.


1 Double Eagle Ribeye
3 Tbsp. of Salt & Pepper Mix
1 oz. of Hawaiian Sea Salt (Red)
1 oz. of Hawaiian Sea Salt (Black)
1 oz. of Porcini Salt


1. Season all sides of the meat generously with salt and pepper mix.
2. Broil on one side, turn once to other side to cook to just under desired temperature.
3. Transfer steak to holding tray.
4. Place plate under broiler and heat to finish the steak to temperature desired. Use biotherm to confirm internal temperature. Take reading by inserting biotherm in between two bones, deep enough to reach center of steak.
5. When steak is ready to be served, place “double eagle” medallion around top bone of steak
6. Place specialty salts into three marble bowls and place onto salt board
7. Serve immediately

King Salmon


12 oz. King Salmon Filet
1 oz. oil, vegetable
½ oz. clarified butter
1 Seared Lemon Wheel
1 ½ tsp. of Himalayan Sea Salt
1 Sprig of Italian Parsley


1. Season fish with Himalayan Sea Salt
2. Ladle Vegetable oil onto hot griddle and place fish onto griddle, cook until a golden-brown sear is achieved
3. Remove and hold warm until pickup
4. Place fish on plate. Place plate under broiler until desired temperature is achieved.
5. Place clarified butter on fish to glisten
6. Garnish with parsley and lemon wheel
7. Serve immediately