A Pinellas County teacher is being recognized for her work in the classroom. 

  • Largo special needs teacher being honored 
  • Sara Klug is a reading teacher at Morgan Fitzgerald Middle
  • Klug is receiving the 2018 Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year Award

Sara Klug is being honored with the 2018 Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year Award from the Council for Exceptional Children. 

"I will say I have won a few awards over my lifetime and this is probably the most meaningful one I have. The big reason is that it's to recognize a Special Ed teacher and I've done it for 37 years, so for me that is just a highlight of my teaching career, definitely," Klug said. 

Klug is a reading teacher at Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School in Largo. She hopes her students leave her classroom with more than just the basics.

"Confidence in themselves that they are able to make it in the other classes and be successful and be willing to take risks and try and answer those questions, and it's OK if you make mistakes and you'll be OK if you do that," she said. 

Sixth grader Daniells Teeter also had something sweet to say about her teacher. "She's the amazing-est teacher and she gives you success and anything you need," Teeter said. 

And while Klug tries to inspire her students, her students also inspire her.

"I just have a great bunch of people that I surround myself with that encourage me every day and that's including my students. They teach me things every day and make me a better teacher," Klug said. 

Klug will receive her award Wednesday night at the Tampa Convention Center.