Brevard County officials are warning beach-goers of dozens of Portuguese man-of-war throughout county beaches. 

  • Portuguese man-of-war washing up on Brevard beaches
  • Ocean Rescue says it treated 30 stings over the weekend

Scores of people have reported suffering stings from the animals. 

Brevard County Ocean Rescue said it treated 30 man-of-war stings over the weekend — mainly from people picking them up.

Purple flags were being flown on the beaches to alert visitors. Officials said there were reports of stings as far south as the Sebastian River State Park.

The Portuguese man-of-war, known for their intense, painful stings and venomous tentacles, are not jellyfish but siphonophores, which are made up of several different organisms sharing a communal purpose.

Officials said changes in current patterns can cause larger numbers of them to wash up on beaches.