While people in many areas flooded by Hurricane Irma are seeing water start to go down, people who live in parts of Seminole County are bracing for flooding that's only expected to get worse.

  • People in Geneva are bracing for more flooding
  • Floodwaters expected to crest Thursday night
  • Water might not recede for a few days, officials say

Since Irma hit, Cody Clark has helped his Geneva neighbors clear downed trees.

"Just trying to help people get through this and get trees out of their lawns so they can get out and go to work," Clark said.

Clark said he and his neighbors are now worried about rising water. While initial flash flooding is subsiding, Seminole County Emergency Management officials said water flowing up the St. Johns River from other parts of Florida is causing bodies of water, like Lake Harney in Geneva, to rise.

On Wednesday, first responders said they had to help a few people leave their homes. Some other families in Geneva left on their own. One person told News 13 they could be gone for weeks. Deputies spent much of the day packing up and dropping off sandbags to homes in the area.

Clark said the water has crept up to within inches of going into his family's home after previous hurricanes. He's hoping it doesn't go farther this time.

"Hopefully it stays away," he said.

Alan Harris, the emergency manager for Seminole County, said floodwaters in Geneva are expected to crest Thursday night, but the water might not begin receding for a few days.