The City of Melbourne is gearing up for their annual Fourth of July fireworks show. 

  • Annual fireworks show in Melbourne July 4
  • City raised around $22,000 for the show, making it biggest to date
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With more than $20,000 put towards the show this year, they’re expecting it to be their largest display to date.

“Last year was just a fantastic display, we’re excited to have great weather. Being right on the river you can see them all across the river north and south. It’s great to have so much coverage,” said Melbourne resident and business owner Kris Jones.

This year promises to be even better. According to the city, additional fundraising from the community brought up last year’s total from $16,000 to $22,000 this year.

“People like grand finales. If you’re at all familiar with last year’s show, this year we are going to have a number of grand finales escalating from the small to the large finale,” said Kevin Briski, Director of Melbourne’s Parks and Recreation Department.

But with fireworks there are also safety concerns. That’s why they hired certified State of Florida firework providers to help pull off this massive show.

“These are the pros, their technical ability to purchase and shoot off this firework show is unparalleled and unmatched,” Briski said.

The City also coordinates with police and fire crews for this event. They’ll be on duty at Front Street Park. 

But the overall hope is for community growth. 

“There are new sponsors this year that weren’t here before, so it’s really great to have that community involvement and give back,” Jones said. 

You can catch the display on July 4 at 9 p.m. in Front Street Park. 

If you have questions about parking you can check out the City of Melbourne's Website.