Seminole County is now trying to make it easier and more affordable for residents to get bear-resistant trash cans.

  • FWC grant allowed Seminole County to get over 1,300 bear-resistant cans
  • Low income residents can get them free, $125 for other residents
  • HOAs can buy them in bulk, with residents paying $40 a can

Wildlife officials say using the bear-resistant trash cans are the best way to avoid problems with black bears.

On Wednesday, Seminole County received the final part of a shipment of more than 1,300 of the cans, paid for with a grant from Florida Fish and Wildlife.

For low-income residents who qualify, the cans will be free. People who can afford the cans will pay about $125. 

County waste management officials say most of the cans will go to neighborhoods whose HOAs buy them in bulk, with each resident paying about $40 for a can.

A black bear recently decided to make a Winter Springs neighborhood its new stomping grounds.

“I think it is pretty scary for us,” said Sergio Mussev.

That bear may have moved on, but the close encounter has Mussev on high alert, especially whenever he comes home from work.

“I drive over there and make sure I see all around, and then I come out with my key and walk fast and open the door,” said Mussev.

The cans’ cost – usually about $200 each – can be more than some people are willing to pay.

Mussev says even if he can’t get a discount on a can, he’ll probably still get one to keep his family safe.

“I’d do the $200 and make sure my sister and all the other kids around the neighborhood were safe,” said Mussev.

Seminole County plans to use the money collected from the sale of cans to buy more cans for county residents.