Orlando Police Chief John Mina says he still stands behind his officers' actions the night Markeith Loyd was arrested.

  • New documents released show what happened to Markeith Loyd the night of his arrest
  • Police say he appeared to crawl like he had something on his chest
  • ORMC had to operate on Loyd's left eye

Loyd is accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon and Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton. 

This week, the State Attorney's Office released some new documents, including several statements from law enforcement officers about the night of Loyd's arrest.

Chief Mina says his department has been transparent from the beginning about the force used to take down Loyd.

After a massive, nine-day manhunt, Orlando Police found Loyd in an abandoned home on Lescot Lane in the Carver Shores neighborhood.

Task force agent Cedrick Hinkles said that when they got to the house, Loyd opened the door and threw objects, including a gun, into the yard.

Hinkles said Loyd then began crawling out of the doorway, quote "as if he had something on his chest or in his waist band area."

Hinkles said they told Loyd to stop and put his hands behind his back, but he didn't comply. Officers kicked him in the ear and also used closed fist strikes.

Hinkles said it was believed Loyd was reaching for his guns.

"I think it's important to remember that our officers were dealing with a cold-blooded killer," Mina said. "Someone who had executed a defenseless police officer, someone who had shot and killed the mother of his unborn child." 

Loyd was injured during his arrest. His face was bandaged as he was escorted by officers.

Another statement from Sgt. James Parker says he told Loyd to stop resisting and he felt that Loyd was trying to lure them in and pull out a gun.

Chief Mina says the use of force incident is still under investigation but says at this point there's really nothing he would suggest that his officers had done differently.

"We said right from the very beginning, our officers used force, that the suspect had been injured, and that there would be a full investigation, just like there is any time we use force," said Mina. 

In an email from Lt. Dan Brady to Chief Mina regarding Loyd's medical condition, Brady says "ORMC needed to perform surgery on his left eye and as a result the doctor said he will be permanently blind in his left eye."