The dry weather has led to frequent brush fires throughout Central Florida, keeping firefighters busy around the clock. Several large brush fires in Geneva have come dangerously close to the Hayes family farm.

  • 4-year-old Levi bought sandwiches to thank firefighters
  • Firefighters found out who did it, brought Levi to a fire station
  • 'They are my heroes. They help us, they protect us,' Levi said

"It's entirely possible for one to spring up and us be in real trouble really fast," Kym Hayes said.

If fire threatened, the family could lose dozens of their beloved animals.

"We'd have to push everybody out the front gate and just let them go," J.D. Hayes said.

Fortunately, Seminole County and forestry crews have been able to keep the flames away from the Hayes' property. The family wanted to do something to thank them.

Four-year-old Levi had an idea.

"He wanted to do something, but he kept saying, 'I'm too little, I'm just too little,'" Kym Hayes said.

But with some encouragement from mom and dad, Levi shared his idea.

"He said he wanted to buy them a sandwich," Kym Hayes said.

"Yeah, a meatball sandwich," Levi Largent said.

So, the family bought a $100 Subway gift card and left it at the local Subway so firefighters and other first responders could get a free meal on the Hayes family.

At first, the family stayed anonymous. But, a proud mother couldn't resisting posting her son's idea on the Geneva community Facebook page.

"It's good to see a child, especially at his age, that is interested in doing something for somebody else instead of what can I get for me," Kym Hayes said.

Firefighters eventually found out the source of the generosity and invited Levi to a firehouse where he got to meet the crew, ride in a truck and spray a fire hose.

Levi said his dream is to become a firefighter.

"They are my heroes," he said. "They help us, they protect us."

Until he grows up, Levi is making sure those now working hard to keep him and his family safe are appreciated.

"Thank you, firefighters. We love you," he said.