A vehicle that was reported stolen last month in Marion County was recovered on Friday after a deputy noticed it parked at the agency's headquarters.

  • 2 vehicles stolen from a male victim who lives in The Villages
  • 1 vehicle found after it was parked at MCSO headquarters
  • Deputies said both vehicles have been recovered

According to a post on the Marion County Sheriff’s Office's Facebook page, a male victim from The Villages had both of his vehicles stolen by two female acquaintances.

Heather Nicole Straway, 36, was arrested in Orange County on April 20, and one of the victim's vehicles was recovered, deputies said.

Marion County detectives then began looking for 28-year-old Tiffany Marie Moore and the vehicle she allegedly stole from the victim.

Moore was located April 30 and arrested on a grand theft auto charge, but the victim's vehicle wasn't located.

Detectives searched for the vehicle for several weeks until Friday. Sgt. Bobby Levay was leaving the Marion County Sheriff's Office's Central Operations building when he saw the stolen vehicle drive right past time and park in front of the sheriff's office

Levay conducted a traffic stop and found out Moore traded the victim's vehicle for drugs before she was arrested.

The vehicle was returned to the owner, deputies said.