Dressed in camo pants and a security shirt, Markeith Loyd pushed his grocery cart through the Walmart on John Young Parkway. 

Surveillance video released this week by state prosecutors shows Loyd picking up groceries around 6:45 a.m. on January 9, giving a look at Loyd in the minutes leading up to the death of Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton.

Loyd was already a fugitive for nearly a month, wanted for allegedly killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon. Police say he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

At one point, an asset protection associate named Rashene Smith inside Walmart said Loyd walked up to him and asked him if there was a bathroom other than the one at the front of the store. The question made the officer suspicious.

"If I was a shoplifter, I wouldn't want to go to the front of the store where the officer is," Smith said.

The associate, who was not in a uniform when Loyd spoke to him, told investigators that he started looking for Loyd as he walked the store.

Smith said Loyd seemed to have a secretive walk. "Like you're tip-toeing, like sneaking around? Kind of like that."

Smith said Loyd had water, chips and Vienna sausages in his cart.

Clayton walked into the Walmart to do some shopping just before 7 a.m. She was regularly seen at the store in the morning, according to witnesses.

As Lt. Clayton, who was still in her uniform, finishes her own grocery shopping, an ex in-law of Markeith Loyd tips her off to the fugitive’s presence.

Video shows Lt. Clayton walking out of the store. Soon after, so does Markeith Loyd.

But Loyd starts running, and that’s when a witness says the situation escalates from a confrontation, into a deadly shooting. 

“All of a sudden this tall black male wearing a security vest, he’s dressed like a security guard, it said security on his back," witness Theophilus Edward said. "He was standing towered over her and he shot down at her.  He shot down at her, he was kind of tall, he towered over her. He walked up to her and he shot down at least three times and when she dropped to the ground, he shot her three more times. And after he did that, he held the gun in his hand, he wasn’t in a hurry. He started walking, it seems as if he was looking to see if anyone saw him. I was scared at that point. I just laid low in my truck.”

Edward says Loyd didn’t run away after the shooting. 

"He just kind of slightly jogged," Edward said. "He tucked the gun back in his holster or whatever he had. He got in a small car.”

Edward said Loyd did not speed, instead he drove away normally, like a person who had just finished grocery shopping.