A structural engineer has approved Flagler Beach to have its fourth annual "Cheer at the Pier" on the pier.

  • Inspector approves first part of Flagler Beach Pier repairs
  • 224 feet of pier to be open for Cheer at the Pier
  • All temporary repairs finished in May

It'll be the second time Jaime Bourdeau is gearing up his restaurant for Cheer at the Pier, and he said now they have good reason to cheer.

"[The pier] been closed for so long, people really want to see it and see that they have confidence that the city and the county and the state have confidence in the structure," said Bourdeau, owner of Beach Front Grille.

On Monday, the city manager said the fate of the event depended on the structure as crews worked quickly to prepare the pier for inspection. On Thursday, the structural engineer inspected the pier from top to bottom. He checked the railings and the newly-laid and old planks, saying the pier is stable for the event.

"Especially now after the hurricane, we're trying to get people to come back down. This will be the first time it's opened to the public since the hurricane knocked it all down, most of it down anyway," Bourdeau said.

The event coordinator said there will be about 6,000 pounds of tents and things needed for setup.

Vendors from local restaurants bring food and drinks, and a live band plays music for the event. Hundreds of people will be able to get onto the approved 224 feet of the pier.

David Hogan, who is attending the event, believes this is also a step closer to him getting back to fishing on the pier. He said he can't wait to tell everyone it will be partially open.

"We'll be talking, 'can you believe this ,what time you going to be here?' It's excitement, it's really excitement," said Hogan.

Bourdeau said he is excited to showcase talented businesses and to once again walk part of the beloved pier.

"It's a fantastic place. Really looking forward to it. We want to get out there and get our menu out there for people to see, and see what we have and test our food. And I think that once they have it, they'll come back," said Bourdeau.

On Saturday, city officials want people to stay off of the rails -- and they'll have law enforcement and fire crews on site as well.

The event will be held on the pier Saturday from 2 p.m.-5 p.m.

Temporary repairs to the whole pier are expected to be completed in May.