Some Flagler Beach business owners said Bike Week has been a bust for them because of the cold this week. Owners said this isn’t the only time recently that the weather has negatively affected their bottom lines.

  • Flagler County usually sees boost because of Daytona Beach Bike Week
  • Cool temperatures appear to be keeping Bike Week visitors away
  • Bike Week ends Sunday

Scott Fox had to turn on the heat this week outside his Tortugas Beachfront restaurant.

"I'm at the mercy of Mother Nature," said Scott Fox, business owner.

But there's no mercy from the chilly weather this Bike Week.

Even though the annual event is going on in Daytona Beach right now, business owners in Flagler County still usually reap the benefits from the influx of bikers.

Thursday, Fox was thankful to keep his few bundled-up customers warm with his outside heaters, but said businesses have been hit with two weather punches in recent months.

"It's a big loss for us, especially considering we lost Biketoberfest once again due to the weather, due to the hurricane," said Fox. 

 He said it's an event when Fox would normally see the empty seats filled by lunchtime with bikers at the restaurant.

"During Bike Week, at around 11 a.m. this place is filled with bikers, you can look around and see that's not the case right now," said Fox.

Fox said his bottom line is hurting because of it.

"It's one of those events, you know, that sets us up for months to come. We've seen sales drop more than 50 percent in the last four days," said Fox.

 Fox also shut down their rooftop hot spot because of the wind and the cold Thursday. But the good news is that some bikers are still riding it out.

"It's gotten a bit chilly the last couple days but we're toughing it out and enjoying ourselves," said Sid Willerson, a biker from Georgia.

Fox is now hoping the weather will be a little more gracious before Bike Week ends this weekend.

"We just don't have any control over Mother Nature. So we have to be resilient and just do the best we can and make the most of it," said Fox.

Fox said Flagler Beach business owners have big plans for St Patrick's Day Friday and a lot of entertainment lined up for the weekend, and he’s now just hoping the weather will cooperate.