Cleanup efforts continue along the Brevard County coastline two months after Hurricane Irma.

  • Brevard group still cleaning up after Hurricane Irma
  • Keep Brevard Beautiful has collected 10,000 pounds of trash
  • The group is always in need of volunteers

Desiree Lesko has been living in Cocoa Beach for a year now.  She’s one of hundreds of volunteers working with Keep Brevard Beautiful to clean up the county. But where they especially need help is on the beaches.

“Just this past Wednesday we had 140 local students come out and cover five miles on the beach,” Lesko said. “They collected 600 pounds of trash that’s about 30 bags worth.”

Since Irma, the group has held nearly 400 beachside cleanups, collecting more than 10,000 pounds of hurricane-related trash.

“What we’re still doing is cleaning up an awful lot of hurricane trash,” said Tony Sasso, executive director of KBB. “It’s anything from shoes to bottles, toothbrushes, and all kinds of debris that we typically get a little of but we are still getting a lot of and we know it’s because of the hurricane.”

The organization is always looking for help. KBB is still holding bi-weekly cleanups to remove trash that continues to wash in.

“If we don’t remove it, it gets washed back into the ocean and it show up on someone else’s beach, so us removing it now puts a stop to some of the issues folks have in other places,” Lesko said.

Keep Brevard Beautiful, on average, has about 3,000 volunteers each year who cover not only the coast line, but areas all over Brevard County.