Extant Aerospace is adding a 54-thousand square foot manufacturing and repair facility as its NASA Boulevard headquarters.

  • Extant Aerospace expands to Melbourne
  • Expansion will bring in more than a dozen jobs
  • New facility to open in 2018.

More than a dozen jobs are on their way soon, adding to its 190 current employees.

Extant's CEO says they enjoy being established in the high tech Melbourne corridor with an abundance of the type of workers they need.  

“We are fundamentally a manufacturer, do a lot of repair," said Extant Aerospace CEO Jim Gerwien. "So the most recent hires are test technicians, people who look at a unit that's broken, tell us what's wrong with it, and fix it. So repair techs are a big thing.”

The company works on military and commercial products, such as aircraft communications.

The new facility is set to open in 2018.