Drivers on Interstate 4 on Monday morning will notice a major ramp change at a highly traveled exit as construction crews just opened a brand new ramp for Kirkman Road.

  • New exit ramp for Kirkman Road off I-4
  • Officials say new ramp will allow smoother traffic flow
  • New exit is half a mile before old one
  • VIEW new Kirkman Road exit map

Monday is the first morning for the new Kirkman Road exit, popular in the International Drive tourist district, and it is a big deal because if drivers used that left hand exit off of I-4 westbound on Friday near the attractions, they will not be able to on Monday since it has been closed off.

The exit, which is in a more normal configuration on the right side of I-4 westbound, will allow drivers to head in both directions on Kirkman, north or south of the same exit.

In addition, the new exit is half a mile before the previous one.

Officials think that this new configuration will help traffic in the area flow smoother.

With the current setup, many drivers are not used to exiting on the left, forcing people to switch lanes last second.

“By moving it to the right-hand side, we can set a more traditional expectation,” said Dave Parks, I-4 Ultimate Public Information officer.

This will also help in the eventual shift of I-4 itself. Demolishing the old ramp will make room to realign that eastbound side.

Spectrum News 13 is told that work will be done around late 2018 early 2019.