More than 8,000 people died in the earthquake in Nepal last month, and dozens more in a second quake earlier this week.

"You saw village after village after village completely, 100 percent flattened," said Joe Hurston of Brevard County's Air Mobile Ministries.

Hurston just returned from Nepal. His pictures tell the tale of destruction. Towns leveled, schools destroyed, vehicles dropping over cliffs in deadly crashes and lives changed forever.

At one point they were just a few miles from the epicenter. And every day they were there, small aftershocks rattled them.

"What happens in an earthquake is all your normal water sources become cross contaminated. So you get sewage introduced into everything," he said.

And he knows the need for clean drinking water is a life or death situation.

He and his team have brought more than a 1000 of his 20-pound Air Mobile Rescuer water purifying systems to help people in 45 countries for the past decade.

In fact, he was in Haiti when the Nepal quake struck, so he quickly finished his work there, came back to the Space Coast, and within 48 hours was off on the 40-hour trip to help.

And like every trip, Hurston said once the 'Air Mobile Rescuer' kits are turned on, and clean water begins to flow -- it's then those faces riddled with worry and hopelessness change drastically.

"That's the payday. Without question, that's the payday," he said.

Hurston says his group is already planning a return trip to Nepal to help out even more. 

Air Mobile ministries has been around doing disaster relief work since 1978. A closer look at the Air Mobile Rescuer Water Purification system is available on the ministry's website, along with ways to donate and help victims.