A crowd gathered in the mobile home park where a sinkhole swallowed a car just a week ago.

"In a park of older people, this is exciting," said resident Dick Essel.

An 85 ton truck came in to fish the car out of the hole. Workers attached two straps to the black car as it was laying in the sinkhole.

Within minutes, the car was out of the earth, as it spilled mud and water out of the front of the vehicle.

"That was kind of breathtaking to see it come out of there," said Carol Lee.

The car dangled in mid-air as residents flooded the area to take pictures. Even the tow truck driver snapped a few shots before the car was settled onto the truck bed.

Although there is relief the hole didn't get bigger, questions remain about the safety of the neighborhood.

"Now we know the hole is at least that deep. So now, what's going to happen next?" asked Lee.

Geologists say they plan to stabilize the hole. If all goes well, it's possible someone could still live in the trailer where the hole opened up.