Some members of the Boy Scouts are trying to keep the organization from allowing openly gay people as members.

Saturday, the group held a rally in downtown Orlando in advance of a looming vote by the Boy Scouts of America, which will decide if openly gay people can be members.

The rally began with the scouts sign and oath.

"On my honor, I'll do my best to do my duty, to God and my country..."

Members from all across the country came to Orlando Saturday to talk to the Central Florida Council's meeting.

Central Florida has one of the largest regional councils in the nation.

Organizers for the rally launched a new organization called “”

"We're gathered here for one simple reason and that is we do not think that sex and politics should be injected into the Boy Scouts of America," said Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger.

The Boy Scouts are not banning homosexuals, he added, because homosexuals are currently members. Stemberger said he's okay with homosexual members as long as they are discreet and private.

"There's no way around it, if you allow open homosexuality within the Boy Scouts, you will not just have people with the same sex attraction, you will have people openly gay, men outwardly acting out and acting out inappropriately. This is their goal," said Stemberger.

Boy Scouts of American National Commissioner Tico Perez said the national organization has not made any decisions yet, but they will only be listening to the opinions of past and present boy scouts and scouting leaders.

"We need to hear what they think and where their positions are on these issues. These are difficult issues no doubt. They're emotional, they're religious, there's a lot of faces that reasonable people can disagree. We're trying to sort this issue out, the same way America is," said Perez.

The National Boy Scouts of America Council is expected to vote on whether to allow openly gay and lesbian members in May.