Brevard County paramedic and a Good Samaritan are recovering after police said a drunk driver hit both of them.

It all started when a passerby noticed another man slumped over behind the wheel of his vehicle near the intersection of Palm Bay and Minton roads.

It turns out the man was asleep, but his car was not in park.

Paramedics arrived and joined the mission to wake him up, along with a woman who stopped to help.

All four were standing next to the car when 45-year-old Brian Washington tore around the corner and sailed right into them.

Surprisingly, witnesses said they thought Washington wouldn't have ever stopped if a sign didn't get in his way.

“I was looking at the other guy, making sure, like, seeing what he was doing because he looked like he was going to drive away,” said Tyler Milam, a witness. “He had his head out the window and kept looking back, like he was about to drive off again. But the sign was under his car. He kept going forward and backing up and going forward and backing up.”

Officers arrested Washington for driving under the influence.

After pouring out contents of his coffee mug and failing to walk in a straight line, police said the second driver was drunk and was also arrested at the scene.

Palm Bay police have not yet released the name of the second driver or the victims involved in the crash.

However, Brevard County Fire officials said the paramedic and the Good Samaritan woman are expected to be just fine.

The paramedic was released from the hospital Saturday morning.