Brevard teen hand-crafts American flags from wood

By Greg Pallone, Reporter
Last Updated: Tuesday, July 04, 2017, 12:56 PM EDT

It's the Fourth of July -- and what's more patriotic than flying an American flag? Making a flag out of wood, maybe?

  • Amos Waters, 14, making wood flags since Memorial Day
  • Selling flags to raise money for church trip
  • Interested in buying a flag? See contact information below

Amos Waters, 14, has been hard at work since this past Memorial Day crafting American flags out of wood. He told us he got the idea from a friend in church, and started doing it himself, from cutting boards for each flag's 13 stripes to using a tool to 'burn in' the 50 stars.

Waters then puts all the pieces together into large and small flags, and sets them out on a sales table at the end of the driveway at his Levitt Parkway home.

"A lot of people just like patriotic things," said Waters. " People like artwork like this, like rustic items."

Waters told us he's sold several dozen flags so far. Funds from the sales will go toward a future church mission trip.

If you'd like to buy a flag, contact Amos at the Waters's family phone number, 321-639-4715.

Amos Waters cuts boards for each of the stripes on each flag, and uses a separate tool to burn the stars. (Greg Pallone, staff)