It's Fox Day at Rollins College

By Daniella Mastroianni, Associate Producer
Last Updated: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 8:46 AM EDT

And if you're a Rollins College student or even a Central Florida native, chances are you know what that means.

But for those who are new to the area, a statue of a fox is placed on the campus, alerting Rollins College students that classes are canceled for a day of fun.


Students gather around to pose with the fox statue. (Fox Day Cam)

And that's not all they get.

A list of activities is posted on the college's website for students to attend and some of those activities include:

Free food, games and giveaways are part of some of the things students can enjoy.  

Fox Day is an annual tradition established by Rollins’ 10th president, Hugh McKean, in 1956 for a day in spring that's deemed “too pretty to have class.”  

But that is not all. The fox was not the only statues on the camps.

"In January 1934, Hamilton Holt, who served as Rollins’ president from 1925 to 1949, acquired statues of a fox and a cat from Senator Murray Sams. These statues permanently stood on the walkway of Rec Hall — a structure the pool replaced," according to the college's Fox Day page. "Inspired by the two statues, Holt founded a “Cat Society” for women and a “Fox Society” for men."

Read more of the history of Fox Day here.