Flagler schools pilot program prepares students for adult life

By Brittany Jones, Flagler County Reporter
Last Updated: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 10:09 PM EDT

Some Flagler County students now have their own savings accounts thanks to a new mentoring program.

  • 100 Men in the Making program at Matanzas High School
  • Helps prepare at-risk youth for adult life
  • Wednesday, they learned how to open savings accounts

The "100 Men in the Making" program is now getting young, at-risk youth prepared for adult life.

The pilot program is a branch underneath a mentoring program in the school district.

On Wednesday, more than a dozen teens at Matanzas High School were given $30 to set up a savings account at the campus Vystar Credit Union.

"This is a risk reward society," said Shelley Ragsdale, president of the African-American Mentorship Program. "They took a risk in joining our program and they are being rewarded by opening a savings account, that we want them to take this savings account and make it grow."

"I'm learning how to keep a savings and what I could do to live economically good," said program participant Edwin Gil.

They're learning to communicate and fill out important paperwork as well.

But the program isn't only about saving for a rainy day, it’s also about learning some of the basics.

"I did learn how to tie a tie," said participant Jacob Egan. "Never knew how to tie a tie."

"Overall what I've learned is how to look people in the eye and talk to them," Gil said. "How to shake hands, how to set up a table, how to keep up my hygiene and basically the stuff I'll need in the real world."

The "100 Men in the Making" program is just a pilot program right now, but if it works well the goal is to expand it. 

Students meet with mentors every Wednesday and the program still has a few spots available.

If you're interested in getting your child involved, contact the principal at Matanzas High School.