Families forced to vacate Kissimmee hotel in seven days

By Stephanie Bechara, Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, November 30, 2017, 6:09 PM EST

The Kissimmee area along US 192 is filled with tourism, but behind many of these hotels and attractions lies a harsh truth — poverty.

  • Families forced to vacate Kissimmee extended stay in 7 days
  • Hotel management wouldn't say why hotel is shutting down
  • Families worry about lack of affordable housing in area

Dozens of families at a hotel in Osceola County are being given a week to leave an extended stay property, giving them very little time to pack up and go this holiday season.

“I got kids, I got a family, and unfortunately I am in a hotel,” said Junior Morales, who was calling Parkside Inn Suites his home — until now.

“They just passed papers out through the doors saying that we got 7 days to move,” Morales explained. “7 days is not enough for a bunch of people with kids, disabled people, to move.”

Morales recently lost his job. And while his wife works full time it’s not enough to take care of themselves and their two kids.  Now they have one more worry on their plate.

Parkside Inn Suites is closing indefinitely and they’re asking folks to vacate the premises.

News 13 spoke to the hotel management, however, they would not give a reason as to why the hotel is shutting down. They said they have no comment on the matter at the moment.

Some of the families affected told News 13 they had nowhere to turn, and that they’re worried about spending the holidays homeless.

Osceola County said their Human Services staff and the Fire Marshall’s office are monitoring the situation, but this closure is the decision of the owners and not a mandate of the county.

With the lack of affordable housing in the area, Morales is worried about his next move.

“You just don’t give people 7 days to move when you’re paying rent, and you’re caught up on your rent, and then where would I go,” Morales added. “Like right now I have been looking for a place, and I still can’t find one … People are desperate here.”

We checked with Osceola County and they say that at the moment there are no code or storm damage issues with the building.