Traffic Inbox: What is that tower building near John Young Parkway?

By Ryan Harper, Traffice Anchor
Last Updated: Monday, November 20, 2017, 1:05 PM EST

As the I-4 Ultimate Project continues to take shape, new structures are going up all the time along the corridor.

  • Large tower being build near I-4 and John Young Parkway
  • Not part of I-4 Ultimate Project
  • Carvana filed documents to build a facility in Orlando

One of Spectrum News 13's viewers, Esther Davis, wrote in this week:

"Is that strange circular building off of I-4 near John Young Parkway part of the I-4 Ultimate Project?  If so, what is its purpose?"

In the recent months, as drivers head between John Young Parkway and Conroy Road, many may have noticed a large, white, round building going up.  I've heard several theories, most of them projecting it to be some sort of tower to hold new cameras and traffic sensors.

When I asked I-4 Ultimate officials earlier in the week, they confessed they had no idea what that building was going to be and said it was privately-owned.

So when using Google Maps, I noticed a name already comes up associated with the lot: Carvana.

Rumors have been swirling for several months that the car dealer was looking for a location for a vehicle-vending machine.

When I contacted Carvana, the company released this statement: "At this time, we aren't able to comment on the potential of a Vending Machine coming to the area."

However, documents have already been filed with the city of Orlando for an 8,000-plus square foot facility and Carvana provided me some video and information with what to expect should a car vending machine be installed.

Carvana is an online dealer, where after purchasing their car online you can actually choose to pick up your car at the Vending Machine where your vehicle actually moves through the machine into the delivery bay.

Thanks for your question, Esther.

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