Many Americans would rather scrub toilet than create new password

Last Updated: Friday, August 24, 2012, 11:56 AM EDT
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Are you tired of trying to remember all your online passwords?

You're not alone, according to a new survey, which found 38 percent of online Americans would rather clean a toilet or do other household chores than have to create another username and password.

Another 38 percent said they think it would be easier to solve world peace than try to remember all their passwords.

The survey, released Thursday, also found 58 percent of adults are using five or more unique online passwords, and 30 percent have more than 10 they need to remember.

Think that's a lot? Not to the 8 percent of those surveyed who said they have more than 20 individual passwords associated with their various online accounts.

Janrain said while most people know it's important to create different, strong passwords for their various accounts to protect their identity online, the problem is coming up with new logins for every new account, and then trying to remember them all.

"With all of the different websites consumers log in to on a regular basis -- from email and social networks to online banking and ecommerce sites -- it's no wonder people are struggling to remember such a large number of passwords," said Larry Drebes, CEO of technology company Janrain, which commissioned the survey.

"What’s surprising is that consumers think cleaning their bathroom, or in the extreme cases trying to solve world peace, sounds preferable to adding yet another password to the list," Drebes added.

The frustration doesn't stop there. A large majority of those surveyed, 84 percent, said they dislike being asked to register on a website.

Of that group, more than half said they dislike the prospect of having to remember another username or password, while 44 percent said they felt online registration forms were just too long.

So, with all that frustration, is there a solution? Drebes said people can make it easier on themselves.

"By creating strong, secure passwords that are changed regularly for the identities they use the most, consumers can take their identity across the Web instead of registering or creating a new password at every site they visit via social login," he said.

The survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive from July 20–24 among 2,208 adults nationwide. Janrain said because the online survey was not based on a probability sample, no margin of error could be estimated.

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