CES 2017: Smart bed detects snoring, warms feet

By Adam Balkin, Reporter
Last Updated: Friday, January 06, 2017, 3:38 PM EST

The Consumer Electronics Show features hundreds of innovative products.

One of them is the 360 Smart Bed.

"The Sleep Number 360 smart bed has sense-and-do technology," said Christine Hamon of Sleep Number. "So we can detect if you're snoring and automatically adjust the head of the bed so you stop snoring without waking you or your sleep partner."

The smart bed is also good for feet.

"There's responsive rapid sleep onset," Hamon said. "The bed warms up the foot of the bed in preparation for your bed time, and it senses when you get in and turns off the foot warming, because that will help you fall asleep faster."

As Adam Balkin joked, "This could certainly help save my marriage."