BAGOTVILLE, Canada – An Icelandair flight from Orlando made an emergency landing in Canada after a crack was found in the flight deck window.

  • Icelandair flight makes emergency landing in Canada
  • Flight left Orlando International Airport on Friday
  • A crack was discovered in a cockpit window

Icelandair flight 688 departed Orlando International Airport Friday night bound for Reykjavik, Iceland.

The airline confirmed the plane was over Canada when pilots noticed a crack in one of the cockpit windows.

"Following standards procedures, they diverted to a nearby airport in Bagotville (Canada)," Icelandair posted on Twitter.

The airline said it is accommodating the 155 passenger and seven crew members that were on the flight and providing an overnight hotel.

"All passengers were taken to a hotel and a flight is scheduled tonight to carry them to the Reykjavik airport," Icelandair told Spectrum News in a statement. "Passengers whose final destination is not Reykajvik have been rebooked."

Harrison Hove, a broadcast journalism professor at University of Florida, was among the passengers on the flight.

"An icelandair mechanic sitting in front of me says the shatter was 'spectacular.' Prob meant significant? He was brought to the cockpit and said the shattering was significant, main crack estimated at 20cm," Hove tweeted

Hove told Spectrum News 13 they were taken to Bagotville, Quebec, Canada airport which is equipped with minimal security operations, delaying passengers’ ability to deplane. Hove said there is a flight scheduled for 8 p.m. Saturday. 

Hove said while some passengers have asked to return to Orlando, "Icelandair is not giving us that option."

FlightAware shows pilots made a rapid descent, dropping 26,000 feet in the matter of 10 minutes as they made an accelerated emergency landing.