New video released Monday from a cellphone and a surveillance camera shows the man shot by Orange County deputies outside the WWE Performance Center in August after officials at the center said he was stalking a female wrestler.

In the cellphone video, a man identified as Armando Montalvo is seen yelling and pacing outside the locked doors of the performance center near Orlando.

Once deputies arrived, Montalvo, 29, is seen on the video charging at one of the officers, who tried to retreat before firing his gun, critically injuring Montalvo.

The State Attorney's Office on Monday also released transcripts, an arrest affidavit and audio recordings with Montalvo's family.

Montalvo told detectives he had been diagnosed as bipolar and could have been in a bipolar state when he was shot on Aug. 31.

(State Attorney's Office)

The cellphone video begins with Montalvo outside an employees-only area of the WWE Performance Center, yelling at unidentified employees inside and banging on the window.

WWE had previously gotten a restraining order against Montalvo, who was caught trespassing at the performance center, about 3 miles south of Full Sail University, where WWE records its NXT series of pro-wrestling shows and events.

But that didn't stop Montalvo from stopping by on Aug. 31, forcing staff members to lock the doors and call 911.

Armando Montalvo, seen on surveillance video from outside the WWE Performance Center on Aug. 31, 2015. (State Attorney's Office)

"Hey, that belt is supposed to be mine," Montalvo is heard yelling through the locked glass doors of the center. "Come on, man. Why don't you train me to become your undisputed, best NXT wrestler of all [expletive] time?"

When deputies arrived, they saw Montalvo, whom officers believed had a knife, arming himself with rocks and charging at deputies.

(State Attorney's Office)

"He's going down. He's getting tased. Why is that guy not shooting? Are you kidding me?" a witness can be heard saying as Montalvo began running at one of the deputies.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings later said Deputy Stephen Wahl had no choice but to shoot Montalvo, who charged at him. Montalvo was shot in the chest.

"That's not a Taser," another person inside the performance center said on the cellphone video. "That is a gun."

Montalvo's father told detectives his son was obsessed with WWE.

"He has this obsession with the wrestling people," Jose Montalvo said during a recorded interview.

"Certain ones?" a detective asked. "Any particular one, or just in general, all of them? Do you know any certain one?"

"The girl wrestler," Jose Montalvo replied.

Days after the shooting, detectives questioning Armando Montalvo at Orlando Regional Medical Center asked him if he suffered from any mental illnesses. Montalvo said yes, admitting he could have been in a bipolar state.

"I was not trying to hurt the police," Montalvo said, according to a transcript of the interview. Montalvo later told detectives he did not want to go to jail for the rest of his life.

Montalvo faces trial in February on charges of aggravated assault, resisting an officer with violence and trespassing. He is being represented by a public defender who entered a written plea of not guilty on Montalvo's behalf.