One Brevard County city will be a holdout for red light cameras at least a little bit longer.

The City of Cocoa Beach is the last city to have the cameras in Brevard County.

Commissioners after a lengthy debate voted to renegotiate its contract with the company that runs the cameras on Thursday night.

Cocoa Beach’s mayor says the cameras are not the best way to welcome visitors into the city.

There are cameras at three intersections, catching those who run red lights.

The city commission actually wanted to get rid of the cameras last year, but decided to wait until the contract expired.

The contract with American Traffic Solutions ends in April of this year.

It will cost the city upwards of $13,000 to remove the cameras and they will also lose about $40,000 a year that was generated from issuing the tickets.

For the past several years, there has been a push to get these cameras installed at busy Florida intersections, to reduce accidents and save lives.

But now several cities are hearing complaints from drivers that the cameras are unfair.

Palm Bay decided to end their program last year, and Melbourne dropped plans to add them.