A construction worker was injured while working at the Daytona International Speedway construction site, officials said.

Daytona Beach firefighters responded to the racetrack for a medical emergency with head trauma around 8 a.m. Saturday, April 19.

When crews arrived, they found a 43-year-old construction worker who had compressed his head between a steel beam and a scissor lift while working on the new construction of the third-level grand stands, about 94 feet above the ground.

According to reports at the scene, the worker was controlling and ascending the lift when the incident occurred. The worker was rescued by other workers prior to the arrival of firefighters, according to a report.

Firefights immobilized and carried the worker from the third floor down to an ambulance, where he was transported in serious-but-stable condition to Halifax Health Medical Center.

Len Moser, vice president with Barton Malow and DAYTONA Rising project executive, released the following statement Monday afternoon:

"Safety is the cornerstone of Barton Malow's business. Providing a safe working environment for people is our moral and ethical obligation. We execute safety as a core value and managing it on the DAYTONA Rising project is a top priority for the Barton Malow team.

"Saturday morning, there was an incident involving a worker on the DAYTONA Rising site. The worker was transported to Halifax Health for treatment, and we are happy to report that the injured worker is doing well and on his way to recovery. We will continue to take every measure to ensure that our staff is properly trained and committed to effectively plan, prepare, and implement the project’s on-site safety program thereby ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all our employees."