Where is Casey Anthony hiding?

That’s the question attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez are asking and on Friday, they backed it up by filing a motion in Orange County court.

A trial in Anthony's civil case is coming up in April and the motion simply asks for an address so that they can actually subpoena her because they want her in court. Otherwise, Anthony’s attorneys would be there on her behalf.

All people have been seeing of Anthony lately is video of her talking about what she’s going through. No one knows where she’s been since her acquittal last July.

Gonzalez's attorney said they’ve never met face-to-face and Anthony’s accusations of kidnapping Caylee were libelous.

Attorney Matt Morgan said the motion is for two reasons -- to get peace and closure.

“So, in order for her truly to get the justice that she deserves, and really needs at this point to move on with her life, she needs to be able to face Casey Anthony in a court of law and see her being held accountable like everybody else,” Morgan said.

Morgan said they expect the defense to put up a good fight, but it is crucial to have Anthony present.

The hearing is set for Monday.

Morgan said they expect the judge to make a decision on the same day.