ORLANDO, Fla. — High temperatures reached low to mid 90's Tuesday, although an easterly, onshore wind kept the coastal areas in the upper 80's.

The humidity did make it feel closer to triple digits once again.

We saw almost no rain aside from a couple of isolated showers around the Ocala area in Marion County. Winds were a bit breezy out of the east and will stay that way for the next several days.

Mostly clear skies are in the forecast through the overnight hour. Temperatures will be warm, falling into the mid-70s. With a slight easterly breeze along the coast, a few showers may move inland. Most will remain dry as we head toward daybreak.

Rain chances will remain low on Wednesday with high temperatures reaching for the low to mid-90s. An easterly onshore wind will keep the coastal temperatures in the upper 80s, but inland will reach the low to mid 90's.

Our feel-like temperatures will once again approach the triple digits. The winds out of the east-northeast will be breezy, around 10-15 miles per hour.

Moisture will begin to increase on Wednesday due to an offshore tropical disturbance. Increase in moisture means higher chance of rain tomorrow at 20 percent, and those chances will continue to rise throughout the week.

The offshore tropical disturbance will move west into the Gulf as the week progresses. This will increase rain chance to 50 to 60 percent over the weekend. Due to increased chances of rain the temperatures will drop into the upper 80s for central Florida. Overnight lows will be in the mid-70s.

Tropical Update

In the tropics, the offshore tropical wave near the southeastern Bahamas has a medium chance of developing into a tropical system in the next five days. It is not anticipated to develop before reaching Florida, but will still be the cause for higher rain chances this weekend.

It does have a chance of developing as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico. Two other areas of disturbance in the eastern Atlantic have a low chance of developing in the short-term. Right now, there are no immediate threats to Florida.

Beach and Surf Conditions

Surfing conditions will be poor on Wednesday with onshore wind. Watch out for a moderate rip current threat. If you’re boating, conditions will be breezy, which will make for a moderate chop on the water.

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