FOUR COUNTERS, Fla.—  Virginia Lecausi says she cannot take her scooter to work anymore because her car hit a depression in the middle of Avalon Road.

  • She says her trailer hitch was damaged
  • Orange County quickly responded to repair road

"It bottomed out," said Lecausi. "It bent my trailer hitch. … I have a scooter that's sitting in my living room and I can't put it on my car anymore."

Lecausi claims to have been dealing with a "depression" for the last four years.

"It got deeper and deeper. I thought it was a sink hole!" remarked Lecausi.

While she has adjusted to it over the years, it does not mean that everyone in the area has.

"I usually slow down to a halt. And then the car behind me screeches his brakes, because he doesn't know what I'm doing in front of him," she said.

Out of desperation, Lecausi reached out to Spectrum News 13. And within a short amount of time, we worked to make sure the depression was fixed.

On Monday, per our request, Orange County sent out staff to the area to assess the situation on Avalon Road.

Then on Tuesday, we heard word that Orange County actually issued a work order.

Upon visiting the site Wednesday morning, we noticed construction crews on scene filling in the depression.

While that is great news for the area, Lecausi still urges drivers in that ever growing section of Orange County to stay alert.

 "Just go slow like I do. Then people will get the idea of slowing down," she warned.