ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Maryann Kilgallon created a child safety device, the Piece of Mind Monitor (POMM), after she saw a news report about a hot car death.

  • POMM may help prevent hot-car deaths, abductions, says creator
  • Learn more about the POMM here

POMM looks somewhat like an Apple watch and can monitor a child's heart rate, temperature and location. 

Kilgallon said it can help prevent a hot car death, abduction, drowning or possibly detect a fever.

The POMM also allows parents to watch their children on their phone or computer via a camera on the device. She said they could also listen in in-real time. 

The POMM was meant to hit the shelves in May but the coronavirus delayed the release until June. The manufacturers for the POMM are in China.

Kilgallon said it is not the first time she needed to adjust. 

She began her entrepreneurial career in the food industry when she started an ice cream chain, 2 Scoops Cafe, but it ended after the 2008 housing-market crash. 

She then started a salsa businesses using her family recipe but ended its production to enter the technology industry.