ORLANDO, Fla. -- Chris is now a post-tropical cyclone with winds to 70 mph.  


The storm continues its fast track away from the East Coast. As of the latest advisory, the center was located 290 miles east of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Tropical storm-force winds extend 205 miles from the storm's center.

The storm is moving to the northeast at 36 mph. It is expected to continue to weaken as it moves into colder waters. Despite losing tropical characteristics, it will have impacts on eastern Canada, including Newfoundland, where up to 6 inches of rain may fall.

Chris is expected to continue to generate higher swells from the mid-Atlantic region to New England over the next few days.

This will be the final advisory for Chris.

Remnants of Beryl

Meanwhile, the remnants of Beryl are producing heavy rain in the Bahamas. 

This disorganized cluster of storms will continue its path north, staying well east of Florida. There is a moderate chance that these remnants may spin up again into something tropical later this week as it enters warmer waters.

We will be keeping an eye on it, bringing you the latest in the tropical update at 51 minutes past each hour on Spectrum News 13.