ORLANDO, Fla. -- Chris has strengthened into a category 2 hurricane Tuesday night.

Hurricane Chris

Chris has been upgraded to a category 2 hurricane with winds of 105 mph and pressure at 970mb. 

Chris will not pose a threat to Central Florida or the U.S. coastline. 

The center of Hurricane Chris is located 245 miles east, southeast of Cape Hatteras, NC. Chris is projected to move toward the northeast, away from the U.S., over the next few days. 

Right now, Hurricane Chris is moving toward the northeast at 10 mph in the Atlantic. 

A trough of low pressure over the northeastern U.S. will help push Chris off to sea and away from the coast of the U.S., though it will continue to make for rough surf along the East Coast.

Remnants of Beryl

The remnants of Beryl are dumping heavy rain over the Bahamas tonight.

There’s still a slight chance for redevelopment as it heads north into the Atlantic and away from the Bahamas on Wednesday. However, there are no signs that this disturbance is getting reorganized any time soon.

Either way the remnants of Beryl will not have an impact on Florida.