ORLANDO, Fla.— Fusion X-Cel is home to some of the best in the sport. 


“Bubba who I am working with right now is one of our top pros. He’s 5-0 as a professional,” said Julien Williams, the owner and head MMA coach at Fusion X-Cel. 


One of the main reasons for their rapid growth is Coach Julien Williams. 


“He’s been around the game a long time and he understands what it takes to get there. He is going to be honest with us. If we are dragging he is going to let us know,” said Bubba Scheffel, a professional MMA fighter. 


For athletes like Lucas Alexander, Julien is more than a coach. 


“He care about everyone. It doesn’t matter if your record is great. It doesn’t matter if your record is bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re pro, it doesn’t matter if you’re amateur. The same attention he do for UFC fighters he is going to do for amateurs,” said Lucas Alexander, a professional MMA fighter. 


That attention has helped athletes in this gym reach new heights. 


Like Hannah Goldy who recently won her first UFC fight. 


Julien has literally been with me when I didn’t even know how to do an arm bar and now I’m winning UFC fights with an arm bar. It’s just having people who believe in you and believe in your skills just makes you more confident,” said Hannah Goldy, a professional MMA fighter. 


Goldy is one of three fighters from Fusion X-Cel that has won UFC fights in the past two months. A testament to Coach Williams and the time he puts into his athletes. 



“Even if they have education backgrounds they quit their careers, they quit their jobs because they love this sport and they are passionate about it. Even though it’s one of the hardest sports to be successful in they are trying to do it full time so seeing them get to that next level is big for me to see,” said Williams. ​