OLDSMAR, Fla.— Pickleball is a game of communication and for the Turcsany family that communication is done by hand and a deeper connection. 

“For me I don’t think communication has ever been an issue really,” said Javon Turcsany, an 11-year-old pickleball player.

“It’s more of like I have to read his mind,” said Mia Turcsany, a 14-year-old pickleball player.

Mia and Javon’s dad was born deaf.

“Hi my name is Steve and my last name is Turcsany,” said Steve Turcsany, Mia and Javon’s dad.

That hasn’t stopped him one bit.

“I never thought of himself as a deaf person. I always thought of him as equal to hearing people. I just thought of himself as a person and I thought there was no difference between them so I decided to move on with my life,” said Steve.

Four years ago when Steve discovered pickleball he knew he had to introduce his now 14-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son to the sport.

Their first reaction wasn’t great.

“Old people sport. That’s what I thought it was. Old people sport, nobody likes old people sport. If I told my friends I played an old peoples sport they would all make fun of me,” said Mia.

“I just felt I should let the older people play because sometimes they want their break and I didn’t want to be the really annoying kid that always has to get in their way,” said Javon.

Once they realized that was just a stigma they became hooked.

Mia and Javon play in tournaments against opponents twice their age. 

They both put aside their doubts and found a new passion, a lesson they learned from their dad.

“We have lives and we have to make the best of it. Not let anyone stop you and go for it no matter what,” said Steve.

A young family making the best of every situation and rising above the norm. 

“I think the nice thing about having a good mentality, a good strong, confident mentality is that I can meet whoever I want. I can enjoy anything I want if I just step up and say hey I want to do this,” said Mia.

“Be patient with people because I know there is good in everybody but sometimes people aren’t the best at showing it I guess,” said Javon.​