KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Outdoor sports like golf and tennis are among the most popular in Florida’s warm climate, but one Central Florida group is trying to make a splash with something chillier.

What You Need To Know

  • Orlando Curling Club plays at Ice Factory in Kissimmee

  • Players hope to raise awareness of sport in warm Central Florida

  • Club hosts "Learn 2 Curl" event every Sunday to teach new players

“Florida is not known for curling, but our club plans to change that,” said Jessie Arose, a member of the Orlando Curling Club.

“I’ve been a curler since 2015. I started when the club started up,” said Jim Windsor, president of Orlando Curling Club.

“I’ve been playing 15 years. I love to sweep, I love it. It’s my favorite part. It's good arm work,” Arose said.

“The more of your teams rock’s closer to the center of the circle than your opponents is the score, and it just goes back and forth like innings in baseball. It's called end in curling and best score wins,” Windsor said.

“I’m originally from up north in Ohio where I learned to play, and I moved to Florida six years ago, and thought I would never curl again. I went online and saw there was the Orlando Curling Club, so I came out for a learn-to-curl (class) and rest is history,” Arose said.

“It is something anyone can play because it’s not really a power sport; it’s more about the finesse, skill,” Windsor said.

“This is stick curling, so if you have a bad back or bad legs you can still can curl. I have metal in my legs, so after about six ends, my game starts to go downhill,” Arose said.

“Generally, we play every week. We’ve all been suffering from a lack of curling for the past three months,” Windsor said.

“It was like being punished by a parent, like you can’t have want you really, really want. So being back on the ice with my second family is wonderful,” Arose said.

If you’re interested in learning how to curl, the club hosts a "Learn 2 Curl" event every Sunday at the Ice Factory in Kissimmee.