WINTER PARK, Fla.—- It’s 4AM on Monday. The birds are still sleeping while the crickets are chirping. But the Chief of Staff, Kate Demory, is already hard at work.

“So I first check the google form looking for anything new that came in over night,” said Kate Demory, a Winter Park High School Teacher and co-founder of Army of Angels.

Kate checks her list and makes sure she doesn’t leave anyone out.
While she gets ready for what will be another big day of deliveries.

  • Orlando High School teachers help feed families in need
  • More than 100 local volunteers help deliver food
  • They are called the "Army of Angels"

Winter Park High school teacher and her husband, Craig Russell, who is Winter Park’s wrestling coach and defensive coordinator, have used this time of uncertainty to make a positive impact on their community.

They prepare food and necessities for local students and their families in need.

As the sun starts to rise, the final items are being packed and the nearly 75 boxes are sealed.

But it’s not just Kate and Coach Russell who are helping the community.

“You know they don’t mess around. They get the job done, they want to help, they are serious about helping,” said Demory.

“It’s pretty incredible how people step up,” said Coach Russell, Kate’s husband.

They call them the Army of Angels.

“I texted all of the parents I know, the army and I said I am going to do this and they said yep just tell us what to bring and when to bring it and we will be there,” said Demory.

A group of 100 plus local volunteers that just want to help.

“Armies protect. Armies protect, we protect. We take care of people who can’t take care of themselves. We are their strength, you know we got them,” said Coach Russell.

“We were really inspired by the amount of people who are always wanting to help and will always respond so that’s why we named it that because everyone does a little piece and contributes in a small way but it makes a huge difference if everyone does a little bit,” said Demory.

With more than 200 boxes already delivered, the army continues to charge on.

“We try really hard not to say no to a kid who needs help because we know that it takes a lot for kids to ask for help or anyone to ask for help so when somebody does ask for help its a message that they are trusting you, they are ready for help, and we don’t want to say no so if we can we will keep doing it as long as we can really,” said Demory.

Showing love and support in hopes of fueling our future generations.

“When you show them a certain degree of attention and you get them to find like minded people or find people that listen to them, look at them then they grow, they come out, they aren’t afraid to be themselves,” said Coach Russell.

One angel wing stamped box at a time.