High School spring football is right around the corner and for one Seminole county program they are hoping to step out with new anti- concussion helmets. When they do they’ll be crediting one local commissioner --who literally laid out---to raise money for the school:

  • Former WWE Wrestler Matt Morgan comes out of retirement for one match
  • Raised over $12,000 for Lyman's Football program to get new anti-concussion helmets
  • Talking to Florida Secretary of Education to get helmets for teams across the entire state

Ok so it’s been five years since Matt Morgan has entered the ring, the moves were a little rusty, but the finisher right on cue.

“I haven’t gotten nervous before a wrestling match I would argue in 10 years,” Morgan explained before his match on March 16th.

But he did last weekend just 16 years after making his WWE debut the 42 year old stepped out of retirement to climb back in to the ring.

This time entering with a different title as Longwood’s Deputy Mayor—and all for a good cause.

“(I’ve been) trying to find different-creative ways to raise money for our Lyman High School getting anti-concussion football helmets,” Morgan explained.

It was over a year ago when Lyman High School football Coach Dennis Thomas first asked for his help.

“I reached out to many different people; semi celebrities, big celebrities whoever and Matt Morgan answered back,” Coach Thomas recalled. “And he decided he wanted to do a big wrestling event and this is what we are doing.”

So Morgan called upon a lot of his friends in the industry, paired up with local law enforcement and voila the “Reiter Park Rumble” was born.

The money raised would go to the Greyhounds Football Program for new anti-concussion helmets. They cost $350 each and offer added cushion inside to absorb more of the contact from hits, to lessen the chance of concussions.

Something Morgan battled with throughout his professional wrestling career.

“Concussions are very near and dear to me because I myself have suffered far too many that I’d like to say,” Morgan explained. “And it’s alarming, right, so if I can do anything to make the game a little bit safer I am all a part of it.”

And the difference is being felt, this event alone raising over $12,000 for the school.

“Any little bit counts and so we are trying to make sure we have the safest equipment, the best equipment for our guys and you know it’s one of the new things out –everyone wants a new iPhone, we’ll we want to the new helmets,” Coach Thomas said.

And the people’s champion of Longwood, Matt Morgan,  is finding a way to deliver.