It’s a hazy summer day out on the coast, setting an unlikely back drop to the thundering, clanking and spirited competition happening inside Cocoa High’s weight room.

“It’s more than just a workout, it’s like building a bond with a team,” Tigers senior RB/CB Javion Hawkins said. “The chemistry we get now with each other and the hard work –it’s what we call writing the check. ‘We write the check now and we cash it later in the season.’”

A feeling of accomplishment after earning the program’s fourth state title back in December—the group is using the success to fuel the Tigers drive to be better.

“We can’t go to the state championship again; we can’t get another ring without putting in the work behind the scenes,” senior captain Zach Beagle explained. “And that’s what we are doing, four days a week and two hours a day.”

And now the team adding another tool to their off season workouts called The Frog.

“A coaches ultimate goal is power output,” Joel Metzger with Frog Fitness explained. “This maintains your main power output while they’re playing. So they are playing that fourth quarter just like they are played in the first quarter.”

Frog Fitness uses resistance bands and wheels to provide a high intensity interval and strength training workout but at the horizontal position.

“I can tell it’s going to help us in the future, it works everything,” Beagle said. “It was just at first you’re squeezing in to it. Then you to press to bring everything back –there’s four different ways to move it. It’s just I wouldn’t say difficult, but it’s definitely a challenge and we love challenges here.”

Cocoa and Miami Central –were the only high schools in the state of Florida chosen to inherit the Frog’s after being nominated by Friday Night Football magazine.

“We are just honored that we’ve been thought about and that esteem that they would want to do that for us,” Cocoa Head Coach John Wilkinson said. “We are going to use it for training and for our conditioning. They have it in the NBA, NFL and now at Cocoa High School.”

The team will be receiving a total of 12 Frogs this summer and will use them in conjunction with their weight training program.