VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — Another Central Florida school district is banning backpacks at sporting events because of fears that someone may bring a gun to a game. Volusia County joins both Seminole and Orange counties' schools in the latest security effort.

The new policy comes just as high school football kicks off. That is because there is too much unknown about what people can bring into an event with their backpack.

Just last week Seminole County and Orange County announced they were banning backpacks at sporting events.

In a message to parents last Friday before that evening's football game, Olympia High School Principal Guy Swenson says the change is to keep everyone safe.

"As an added security measure, please inform your children that book bags will not be allowed inside the football stadium …," Swenson said, adding that players and students from visiting schools can leave their backpacks on the bus.

These efforts come after a shooting during a football game in Palm Beach County where two people were injured and another shooting following a football game in Jacksonville that left one dead.

Other districts across the state are following suit.

And while backpacks are still allowed during classes, extra precautions are being taken.

Earlier this month, Orange County Public Schools started new random screenings of students' backpacks using metal detector wands.

The district says the random screenings can happen any day and any time at school.

Last school year, Seminole County banned backpacks from all schools in the district for the last three days of the school year because of a shooting at a Texas school.