SATELLITE BEACH, Florida — After two days of fish kills, some communities are calling for help to clean up all the fish starting Thursday as red tide grips parts of Florida's Atlantic coast.

And now the county says it has to move an early voting location off the beach because of the conditions.

Canova Beach early voting location moved

The Brevard County Supervisor of Elections has moved the beachside Canova Beach early voting location because of the respiratory conditions caused by the red tide. 

The new location will be the Satellite Beach Public Library when early voting opens Saturday in the county is on Jamaica Boulevard. 

Elections Supervisor Lori Scott says her staff had a hard time dealing with the respiratory irritation caused by the red tide while trying to set up the Canova Beach location. 

"My staff and I were coughing," Scott said. "(We) went inside to try and set up the site, door closed, AC on, still doing it."

They were close to where dead fish had washed up and the unrelenting toxic algae smell that caused sneezing and irritated eyes.

"My poll workers have to be there eight consecutive days," Scott told Spectrum News. "I can't expose them to that."

She had to act fast and thought of the Satellite Beach Library and its community room. After a quick conversation, the deal was done.

All Brevard County early voting locations will open at 8 a.m. Saturday. Head to the Decision 2018 Voting Guide to find early voting locations.

Reporter Greg Pallone contributed to this story.

Communities, groups seek volunteers for cleanup

On Tuesday, there was a small fish kill, but then on Wednesday it got even worse.

A video is from Melbourne Beach shows the massive amounts of fish washed ashore. Most of the fish are mullet that washed up from Paradise Beach Park down to Ponce de Leon.

Public works crews have been shoveling up the dead fish since they started washing up, but it is not enough.

That is why the city of Satellite Beach, Keep Brevard Beautiful and the Brevard County Sheriff's Office are all coming together to tackle the cleanup on Thursday.

"We are calling for all volunteers, anyone interested in getting involved come out and join us," said Keep Brevard Beautiful Deputy Executive Director Bryan Bobbitt. 

Sheriff Wayne Ivey says officials will be sending inmates to help with the problem, but anyone can actually come out and volunteer.

If people want to help, bags, gloves and masks will be available at the Satellite Beach City Hall.

You can also contact KBB to find out how and where you can help:

They have one fish kill dumpster located at Grant Street access and another one at the Sports Park.

It has been advised to not put trash in those dumpsters, but just the bagged dead fish. Reversely, do not put bagged fish in beach access trashcans or other dumpsters.

You can also leave the bagged fish near the dunes by the accesses and Public Works staff will take them to a dumpster. 

Red Tide, Dead Fish Affecting Brevard Businesses

Businesses along the Space Coast are bracing for more dead sea life to wash ashore from the toxic bloom.

Owners say business is slower than usual, even in a slow season.

However, one restaurant manager says the tourists who are already here seem to be making the most of it.

"Some people sit here and say, 'I'm on vacation I'll have a drink, smoke a cigarette or a cigar or something.' But I think local people may be even more sensitive," said Eddy Fisher, manager of the Ichabod's Bar & Grille.

All of the businesses told Spectrum News they are open, but say this is the worst round of red tide they have ever seen.