FLORIDA — The warning period is over for Florida’s hands-free law and texting-while-driving ban.

"If we physically see the phone in your hands, you can and most likely will receive a citation for it," explained Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Caleb Barton. 

Texting-while-driving became a primary offense on July 1, 2019

Florida's hands-free law went into effect in October. Under the law, drivers cannot use their phone while behind the wheel in school zones, crossings and active construction zones. The same goes for any portable electronic device.

These bans encompass the Wireless Communication Act. Since July, the Florida Highway Patrol has made more than 1,160 traffic stops, 990 warnings and 84 tickets statewide in connection to the this act. 

A first offense for texting and driving is a base $30 fine, not including court costs or other fees. For the hands-free law, it’s a base $60 fine, not including court costs and other fees, as well as three points assessed against the motorist’s driver license.

A second offense on these counts racks up the ticket price and points against the license.

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