For the last few weeks, there’s been a big focus on the 2020 elections which spurred the Jan. 6th riots.

That’s all everybody seems to be focusing on is 2020, but guess what? We are less than two months away from the August 2022 primary election.

We’re talking everything elections and what you need to know right now with Orange County Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles on this week’s Central Florida: Beyond the Soundbite.


Political figures and influencers are often heard in brief bites that don’t capture the context of the whole story. “Central Florida: Beyond the Soundbite” expands the conversation with these newsmakers along the I-4 corridor and beyond. Join award-winning Spectrum News 13 anchor and Orlando Woman of the Year Ybeth Bruzual, political reporter Greg Angel, and veteran producer Gary Darling for a must-hear interview each week and learn about the issues affecting Central Florida.

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