ORLANDO, Fla. -- Singer John Legend spent Wednesday in the Pine Hills area of Orange County to get the word out about Amendment 4. 

  • Amendment 4 restores voting rights for many felons
  • Felons must complete their sentences
  • Can't be convicted of sex crimes or murder
  • DECISION 2018: Latest news | Voting Guide

Legend went door-to-door and also took part in a rally at Evans High School for the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

“It doesn’t matter what background you come from, all of us believe in Democracy,” Legend said. 

Amendment 4 would require voting rights restoration for many felons who have completed their sentences.

Felons who were convicted of murder or sex crimes would not be eligible.

"With this amendment, we're not saying change the punishment," Legend said. "We're saying after they've already endured the punishment, after they've already paid their debt, after the system, which we already think is broken, after the system says they've done enough, why are we excluding them?"

Right now all felons have to wait five to seven years before they can go before the Florida Cabinet to ask for their voting rights back.

Flanked by convicted felons fighting to get their right to vote back, Legend and advocates encouraged others to vote in November.

"All of us have a felon in our family," Legend said. "All of us have someone who has committed a crime and has returned to society, that wants to reintegrate. And what I realize is, these are our family members. These are our community members, and when I've had relatives who have come back out of prison or out of jail, they all want to participate, they all want to get a job, they all want to support their family."

It's estimated 1.5 million Floridians would get their voting rights restored if Amendment 4 passes.