DELAND, Fla. -- Volusia County officials counted a batch of vote-by-mail ballots for the August primary that were recently found.

County Elections Supervisor Lisa Lewis said the batch of 300 uncounted ballots were placed on the wrong cart and found by staff who were verifying vote totals.

It was a disappointing discovery for Lewis. 

"Human error, really, I can't say any more than that. It was just a terrible oversight and the tub or batch of them, if you will, got put on the wrong cart, it got put on the empty envelope cart rather than the one to be tabulated," said Lewis.

The box they discovered included a mix of ballots from all political parties from the west Volusia/DeLand area.

On Thursday, candidates like Elizabeth Fetterhoff watched intently as the ballots were counted by the machine. Some of the candidates were just votes away from making it onto the November ballot.

"I was a little taken back but I felt I had enough of a lead going into this that depending on where the ballots were coming, from we still had a really good shot at winning this," said Elizabeth Fetterhoff, District 26 candidate for state representative.

Lewis said the Florida House District 26, County Council District 1, and West Volusia Hospital Authority Seat 2 could've all been impacted.

"I hate it for them and everybody we're having to put through this, but it happens and we're going to get through it and make it better," said Lewis.

Lewis said this oversight means they have to make some changes.

"We're going to review our procedures and our protocols and we will put more stringent procedures in place," said Lewis.

Luckily for Fetterhoff, she found out she got more votes than she thought, but still wants to see those changes.

"I would like to see that they do some kind of numbering system on the boxes, so that they realize they're missing a box before we get two days down the road," said Fetterhoff.

They have not finalized results at this time. The first unofficial results are due Saturday to the Florida Division of Elections by Sept. 4.