Women's History Month is coming to a close, and local ladies are killin' it. One of these women is bringing her French roots into a new multi-sensory experience in Winter Park.

  1. A new multi-sensory experience is now open where Luma used to be, in the heart of the Park Avenue dining and shopping district.

  2. Marine Galy grew up in France, surrounded by perfumeries. Her sensibility for scent launched her on a 10-year journey around the world, working for some of the best-known perfumers.

  3. A few years back, Galy pivoted and decided to dive into hospitality and open restaurants with internationally inspired menus. Her first one, MILA, is in Miami.

  4. Closer to home, Ava MediterrAegean is a Greek Islands-inspired attraction in Winter Park. Utilizing her craft in making perfumes, she has created a signature scent for Central Florida's new hangout. It's meant to transport you to a summertime day in the Mediterranean. You'll subtly detect it from hidden diffusers to the hand lotion and soap inside the restrooms.

  5. March is Women’s History Month, and since Galy is a boss lady, 100% of the Lady Luck cocktail proceeds are going to Dress for Success of Greater Orlando. Ava said it has raised $15,000 for the nonprofit.